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Premiere Restoration of Nëntori i Dytë (The Second November)


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Premiere Restoration of Nëntori i Dytë (The Second November)

  13.03.21 2:47pm

Premiere Restoration of
Nëntori i Dytë
(The Second November)
US Premiere of The Land of Eagles

Join us for an unforgettable evening that will open a window on the world of Albanian Cinema

DATE: Friday, March 29, 2013
TIME: 7pm to 11pm
PLACE: Directors Guild of America (DGA)Theater
10 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

ADVANCE TICKETING REQUIRED (tickets are free of charge) please RSVP to:

Most films from the East European nation of Albania have rarely been screened outside of the country.  The Albanian Cinema Project's (ACP) newly launched preservation initiative is changing this fact, bringing this 'new' national cinema to international screens.  

ACP’s digital restoration of Viktor Gjika's (1937-2009) patriotic drama Nëntori i Dytë (The Second November, 1982) was completed in time to celebrate the centennial of Albanian independence from Ottoman rule.  

It premiered to a packed house at the 13th Festival of Albanian Film in Tirana, on November 3, 2012.  And now, Gjika's socialist realist epic, restored by Colorlab Corp., will play to US audiences with English subtitles.

Be part of the first American audiences to watch Nëntori i Dytë and to hear firsthand accounts of film production in Albania from the communist era till today from the country's award-winning director Fatmir Koci (Tirana Year Zero (2001), The Land of Eagles (2007), Time of the Comet (2008), Albanian American producer Donika Bardha (The Land of Eagles) and Albanian American filmmaker and ACP board member Thomas Logoreci.

Director Fatmir Koci's The Land of Eagles is a sweeping archival chronicle of Albania's turbulent 20th century history. Working with producer Donika Bardha, Koci combed Albania's endangered Central State Film Archive to produce this compelling documentary filled with historical footage never before seen by Western audiences.

The brilliant voice-over narration spoken by Michael York was written by Albania's Nobel nominated, Man Booker International Prize-winning novelist Ismail Kadare.  The Land of Eagles is an extraordinary glimpse into the Balkan nation’s 100-year history of statehood and 100-year history of cinema.