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AMIA is a volunteer based organization – our projects rely on work done by members in the field.  Consider joining one of AMIA’s Committees – there are always a number of interesting projects underway.  Most of AMIA's work on behalf of the moving image archival profession is conducted through its volunteer committee structure.

There are as many ways to volunteer as there are people and interests; but to an organization like AMIA volunteers are not a supplement but rather the driving force behind each and every project we undertake. They are vital to AMIA’s continued success in fulfilling its mission.  AMIA volunteers know the projects they work on and the results they produce make a difference in providing professional education, in sharing information and stimulating research, and in encouraging public awareness and interest in preservation and the use of moving image media as important educational, historical and cultural resources.

AMIA's Field Guide to Committee Work is a resource for committee chairs but is also a good referencenew committee volunteers. 

AMIA Committees
In addition to the benefits to the field, Committee work can also be a great conduit to meeting new colleagues, developing or discovering new skills and talents, and know that you are making a difference by contributing to the development of the field.  You can contact a Committee Chair directly to join, or contact the office at   For a list of current committee chairs, click here.

Committees of the Board
Awards and Scholarship
Conference Steering Committee
Elections & Nominations

Committees of the Membership
Cataloging & Metadata
Independent Media
International Outreach
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender
Magnetic Tape Crisis (MC²)
Moving Image Related Materials & Documentation
News, Documentary & Television
Nitrate Film
Open Source
Projection and Technical Presentation
Regional Audio Visual Archives (RAVA)
Small Gauge/Amateur Film

Task Forces
Film Advocacy Task Force
Conference Online Task Force
Local Television Task Force



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