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AMIA-L is an e-mail discussion list sponsored by the Association of Moving  Image Archivists (AMIA). It is intended to facilitate communication among  professionals in related disciplines interested in issues to archival issues involving all aspects of moving image materials and moving image archives, and to any related technologies or special interests of the profession. AMIA-L is open to the public and to AMIA members who wish to subscribe. All postings to AMIA-L are reviewed for relevancy by a moderator. 

AMIA is strongly committed to the providing an environment of cooperation and collaboration. AMIA’s Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to provide a forum in which diverse participants may learn, network and enjoy the company of colleagues in an environment of mutual human respect – in all spaces, including our list serves.  The Code of Conduct can be found here:


There are two methods for subscribing to AMIA-L:

  1. Send an e-mail message to:

    Leave the subject line empty. The first and only line in the body of the  message should read: Subscribe AMIA-L <your name>

    You will receive an automatic response and further instructions.  Please allow 24 hours for all changes or additions to become active.  Typically listserv subscriptions are not added on Saturday or Sunday.

    AMIA Rules and Guildelines
  2. With AMIA-L's new Web interface, it is also possible to start the subscription  process through your Web browser. Go to:

    Click on the link "Join or leave the list (or change settings)" and follow the  instructions from there. Pleaseallow 24 hours for all changes or additions to  become active.

    Questions: Please contact the AMIA-L List Administrators at AMIA-L-request@LSV.UKY.EDU with any questions or problems you  might have.  

AMIA-L Archives AMIA-L is sponsored by AMIA as a service to the archival community and  as such, the archive files are open to the public. All messages shared on  AMIA-L will be made accessible to the public at   All postings made before November 16, 1999 are currently being transitioned  to a new host and are unavailable. You may contact the AMIA Office if you  have questions about access to the pre-1999 archives.

List Serv Rules



AMIA-Student-L is a listserv sponsored by the AMIA Education Committee for AMIA student members and new professionals. AMIA-Student-L is intended as a forum to discuss AMIA activities, academic work, student chapter activities, projects/internships, professional development, to promote networking, and provide advice and support for students entering the workforce. For more informatin and to join AMIA-Student-L, click here.




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