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Volunteer Opportunities

Our lives are busy. Our work demands more and more of us, we're glued to  the news to try to figure out what is coming our way, and we want to spend  real time with our families and our friends. It's not easy finding the time to volunteer. Today more than ever.   So why volunteer?

The opportunity to help guide the future of AMIA, to strengthen a network of colleagues around the world, to acquire new skills and experiences, and to help advance the field. Additional benefits of volunteering include new professional contacts, honing leadership skills, developing new knowledge, gaining experience, sharing expertise, and having fun!  AMIA is an organization built by its volunteers. It is governed by volunteers (the Board), its projects are created by volunteers (the Committees); its publications are written by volunteers (The Moving Image), and its events are programmed by volunteers (the Conference, the Reel Thing, DAS). The office provides a support structure, but the real work? Its volunteers.   To those who aren't current volunteers, who might only have a little time - believe me when I say there are projects and committees who will take any moment you have to give. There are volunteer needs for any interest and for any time commitment. Large projects, small projects and ongoing projects - from the Newsletter to Scholarships to Elections. There is lots to do! And to  everyone who already volunteers their knowledge, their energy and their precious time to AMIA - thank you!  

Volunteer Opportunities include serving on the AMIA Board, Committee projects, the Annual Conference, events and publications.

AMIA Conference Committee
Room Share Coordinator:  The Room Share Coordinator gathers a list of those wanting roommates for the upcoming conference and  distributes it amongst the group, allowing attendees to make arrangements between each other.  Working with a spreadsheet, downloading the names and sending emails out weekly in October and November. The time commitment is not large,  maybe 30 minutes a week,  but it makes a big difference!  If interested contact Conference Chair Carol Radovich at carollradovich (at)

Other Volunteer Opportunities 
If you have volunteer opportunities at your institution, let us know.  Send an email to    

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