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DAS:  AMIA’s Digital Asset Symposium

DAS offers in-depth, real world information on an ever-advancing technology. Case studies offer a broad mix of institutions, providing a unique opportunity to compare approaches in different communities. This real-life approach brings together content creators, caretakers and vendors to address the realities with which we are all faced, what works in theory, and what works in the real world.

As the world’s largest association of moving image archivists, AMIA is uniquely poised to bring together a broad range of experts in examining the lifecycle of a digital audiovisual asset. 

The next Digital Asset Symposium is May 5, 2017 in New York!  Register here:


DAS: NY 2016: May 4, 2016
DAS: NY 2015: May 8, 2015
DAS 2014: May 15-16, 2014
DAS 2012:  October 26, 2012
DAS 2011:  September 23, 2011
DAS 2008: April 25, 2008
DAS 2007: May 11, 2007



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