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The following are the governing and supporting documents for AMIA. As a member, you may always contact the Office for the most up-to-date documents.
  • The AMIA Bylaws are the top level governing document within AMIA. 
  • AMIA Strategic Goals and Objectives outline the Board’s vision and goals and is used for governing decisions and strategy.
  • The AMIA Code of Ethics, adopted in 2010, by recognizes the diversity of its membership and encourages each individual who acts as a custodian of our moving image heritage to strive towards the following common goals.
  • The AMIA Code of Conduct, first adopted in 2015, reflects AMIA's commitment to provide an environment in which diverse participants may learn, network and enjoy the company of colleagues in an environment of mutual human respect – in all spaces, including online, at events, in committee work, or list serves.
  • AMIA's Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, affirms our dedication to these shared values.


The Board of Directors Statement  of November 21, 2016 expresses concern about the uptick in hate crimes, school bullying and divisiveness nationwide and reiterates AMIA's position that we will continue to actively take action on ways to welcome diverse voices into our community and counter any hateful, supremacist rhetoric where we see it, in our workplaces and community gathering spaces.

AMIA Statement on Proposed National Budget (March 16, 2017)

AMIA Statement on FY 2018 Budget (May 25, 2017)


AMIA issues an Annual Report each year to the membership reporting on the Association’s annual activities and a financial report. It is distributed at the Annual Membership Meeting reflecting the previous year's activities.*


AMIA's Listservs each operate under Rules and Guidelines, listed here:

AMIA's Field Guide to Committee Work is an introduction for committee chairs, with information about structure, process and resources available to AMIA's volunteer committees.

The AMIA Elections Manual guides the work of the Elections & Nominations Committee for both the annual board election and membership committee elections. 

Guide to the AMIA Board of Directors provides information for AMIA members considering running for  a position on the Board of Directors.

AMIA Student Chapter Guidelines is for students considering forming an AMIA Student Chapter at their isntitution.

The AMIA Awards & Scholarship Manuals are created by the committee to guide its work.


AMIA has a number of active commitees and Task Forces that post current activities and information in the Resources section, as well as on the individual Committee pages.



*Additional financial reports available to members below.  You must be logged in to view.



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