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AMIA Awards recognize outstanding professional achievement in and contributions to the field of moving image archiving.  AMIA members may nominate colleagues online (links below).

The Silver Light Award 

The Silver Light Award recognizes outstanding career achievement in moving image archiving. Measures of achievement may include substantial contributions to the field over an extended period, leadership in the field, work in professional societies or other professional activities, writings or publications, preservation and restoration projects, innovations that advance the cause of preservation, and patronage donated to archives or archival projects. Individuals, institutions, and organizations are eligible for this award and need not be AMIA members. The award may be given posthumously. 

The William S. O'Farrell Volunteer Award

The William S. O'Farrell Award is to recognize significant contributions to AMIA and to the field. Nominees for the Award must have made a significant contribution to AMIA, either in the form of notable achievement or special projects, or through the noteworthy performance of volunteer work carried out over a long period of time.

The Alan Stark Award

The Alan Stark Award honors individuals who have made a significant contribution through their efforts on a special project or in project management that contributes to, and supports, the work of moving image archives and/or the operations of AMIA. Examples of qualifying projects are projects that have advanced the field, advanced an institution, streamlined a workflow, improved an existing process, increased access to a collection, highlighted a collection, highlighted an institution, helped preserve a collection, directly benefited the operations of the AMIA, etc. 



The Dan and Kathy Leab Award
Presented to honor the "unsung" work of moving image archivists, the Dan and Kathy Leab Award was central to AMIA's development as a professional organization. The Leab Award was presented from 1996-2009.  A list of Leab Award recipient is here.

The Maryann Gomes Award
The purpose of this award was to provide funding assistance for regional archivists to attend the Annual AMIA Conference. The Maryann Gomes Award was presented from 2003-2010.  A list of Maryann Gomes recipients is here.

AMIA Close-Up Award
The Close-Up Award recognized the contributions of individuals who demonstrate deep commitment to the work of the moving image archives profession and archival collections, and who do not typically receive public recognition.  The Award encouraged a commitment to giving by creating the opportunity for the Award recipient to choose a non-profit, moving image related organization to receive a cash donation.

The James A. Lindner Prize
The purpose of this award will be to recognize, encourage and financially assist researchers of merit who offer the greatest potential to further the technology needs of moving image archivists and AV preservation. A list of recipients is here.

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