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AMIA and its volunteers work on a variety of projects that benefit the moving image field.  Many of the projects are the result of Committee activities or collaboration with related organizations and more committee projects can be found on individual committee pages.  Here is a sampling of those projects…

Highlighting the work we do and the collections we care for. This series of GIF-based images illustrate the work we do as well as help publicize events, talks, and initiatives in all the important fields that contribute to preserving our culture, our heritage. 

DEEP FOCUS: A Directory to Moving Image Resources
Developed by the Access Committee, the DEEP FOCUS portal is an inclusive outreach tool designed to provide academics, archivists, artists, curators, educators, exhibitors, filmmakers, programmers, researchers and students with a user-friendly and centralized means of global discovery – interconnecting a disparate labyrinth of invaluable moving image catalogs, services, resources, websites and related information. DEEP FOCUS is here

Disaster First Actions and Recovery for Film, Tape and Discs
AMIA members have contributed a number of resources on Disaster recovery and important first actions for film, tape and discs. Guide here.

Global Supplier Directory
AMIA will be publishing its Supplier Directory quarterly.  The Directory is a joint project of the Preservation and International Outreach Committees.  For more information or to be listed in the new Directory, click here.

AMIA’s Advocacy Committee discerns and assesses issues on which an AMIA stance is needed, and prepares and recommends appropriate statements, strategies and courses of action to the Board of Directors.  A list of recent Advocacy Projects

Oral History Projects
Alan Katelle
Sid Laverents

Film Forever
A website to provide simple guidelines for preserving motion picture film materials outside of specialized archives, with a focus on storage at home. A project of the Independent Media Committee.

Nitrate Handling and Safety
The Nitrate Committee has put together a number of documents on the safe handling of Nitrate materials: Nitrate Transportation, Nitrate Hazards.

Committees have created a number of resource documents, from a Cataloging Compendium to Data Code Charts for Kodak and Dupont Film to Videotape Preservation.  Resources can be found here.


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