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Deep Focus
A Directory To Moving Image Resources

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"Preservation without access is pointless..." -Statement by the Committee for Film Preservation and Public Access before the National Film Preservation Board, 1993.  

One of the tenets of the moving image field is the core belief that our preservation and conservation efforts only have true meaning if collections are accessible. Fulfilling the mission-critical goal of providing broader access begins with basic outreach efforts to ensure that the cultural and historical treasure trove of moving image collections held (and unintentionally 'hidden') in repositories around the world are known to potential key constituents, as well as the general public.  

The DEEP FOCUS portal is an inclusive outreach tool designed to provide academics, archivists, artists, curators, educators, exhibitors, filmmakers, programmers, researchers and students with a user-friendly and centralized means of global discovery - interconnecting a disparate labyrinth of invaluable moving image catalogs, services, resources, websites and related information.  We welcome a diverse range of entries into the directory. If your institution or company collects or works with moving images and/or provides services related to the field, your entry is integral to the success of the portal. 

...and it couldn't have succeeded without the assistance of numerous volunteers.  Please see the Access Committee page for a list of contributors to the initial project, as well as Almudena Escobar López and Clara Auclair for Spanish and French translation, respectively.

Publications Committee co-chair Melissa Dollman conducts outreach and maintains the project with trusty volunteer Charlie Achuff.

First search the directory for your organization, company, or collection's name.  (Search by name, and/or city just to be certain.) If it is NOT yet in the directory, select "Upload Access and Collection Information." From here you can enter information that informs users of your location, what materials and services you offer and how to access them.

To gain editing rights for an institution/repository/collection already within the directory, please contact an administratorYou will receive step-by-step instructions for updating your entry going forward.

Search the portal to discover moving image collections and services across the globe.   As this resource develops, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Click to share.

A disclaimer of sorts: If a volunteer inadvertently made a mistake about any detail regarding your institution or collection, we offer our sincerest apologies. This project was a goodwill effort to provide greater access to collections worldwide, and leave the upkeep and sustainability of your information up to you.

The directory has 600+ entries and is still growing.  To spread the word, feel free to send this downloadable promotional flyer for Deep Focus to parties who may be interested.

Note: This is not the AMIA membership directory. Please visit Member Central for AMIA membership services and benefits. Although it is encouraged, you need not be an AMIA member to add your collection/repository here. 


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