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The AMIA Tech Review! This publication is the product of our belief that this field needs a timely technical review oriented to those things new and old which will or have already impacted our work. 

“We are at this very moment witnesses to the passing of analog methods which performed and supported our work as restoration, archive and storage experts. But watching analog recede into the vague halls of memory will do us no good unless we can thoroughly document the "how's" and "why's" of techniques used in the past and, where necessary, reproduce them. I do not need to emphasize how many thousands of hours of film, videotape and audio recordings we each hold and must be able to play now and in the future! The very machinery that reproduces these recordings must either be stored or supported with documents of their construction, the standards to which they must adhere or in many cases the very tools and jigs needed to build them, if need be.” – Tech Review Editor Ralph Sargent

The AMIA Tech Review welcomes news items from AMIA members and non-members. Please send submissions via email if possible. Word (or equivalent) attachments with the text copied into the body of the email are preferred. Photos are always welcome. Please send material to

You can read The AMIA Tech Review here. 

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