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AMIA’s Supplier Directory

In addition to the following list of Institutional Members, you may find the AMIA Supplier Directory: A Global Directory of Services and Suppliers of Audiovisual Media an excellent resource.



AMIA Institutional Members

San Jose, CA
Supporting the television broadcast industry since 1972, San Jose based AheadTeK manufactures video heads & other specialty heads used in the video broadcast, tape data and disk data storage industries.

Audio Mechanics
Burbank, CA
Since 1991 Audio Mechanics has provided evaluation, high quality preservation transfers, and remastering of audio formats including optical soundtracks, magnetic film, analog audio tapes, digital audio tapes, and audio discs. They offer an exclusive, highly successful process for cleaning and transferring deteriorating magnetic film (shrunken/vinegar syndrome). Their aesthetic sensibilities and proprietary restoration techniques are trusted by major studios and sought after internationally.

New York, NY
AVPreserve is a consulting firm that provides resources needed to preserve, use, and distribute audiovisual assets, digital assets, and their associated metadata. Our areas of focus are digital preservation custom software development, assessments and inventories, digitization project management, preservation repositories, metadata management, and taxonomy development. AVPreserve clients include Library of Congress, The American Archive, The Flemish Institute for Archiving (VIAA), HBO, Indiana University, Carnegie Hall, New York Public Library and MoMA.

Crawford Media Services, Inc.
A leading provider of digitization, archival storage, asset management and meta-tagging, Crawford's mission is to help our clients clear the hurdle of digital preservation. Built on many successful projects, we offer our experience, expertise, and resources to resolve the complexity and uncertainty of digital migration and file based workflows.   

Burbank, CA
FotoKem has been providing film preservation and restoration services for decades from its home base in Burbank, CA.  The facility’s regular clients include the major Hollywood studios, as well as leading film archives and independent filmmakers worldwide.  FotoKem has helped to preserve thousands of films over the years, from cinema classics dating back to the silent era, to independent and avant-garde film gems.  FotoKem’s full range of digitization and digital restoration services insure the highest quality digital archiving and re-mastering possible, and access to content on all viewing platforms.  Check our website for more information on our services and resources for filmmakers.

Fujifilm North America Corporation
Cypress, CA
Fujifilm Recording Film for Digital Separation ETERNA-RDS 35mm Type 4791 (PET) is a black and white film intended for making black and white separations from color digital masters or a direct B&W negative. This film is designed for a digital separation from color masters and designed for a digital separation workflow using a film recorder. ETERNA-RDS offers a significant improvement over conventional non-specific film stock, producing finer detail, accurate gradation linearity, improved granularity and sharpness with reduced flare. It won an Academy Technical Achievement Award.

Kem Studiotechnik GmbH
Norderstedt, Germany
KEM Studiotechnik GmbH has been tightly connected with the film industry since 1968 and has over the last decades developed a number of innovative products like archival scanning, inspection and viewing tables as well as rewinders.

The MediaPreserve
Cranberry Township, PA
The MediaPreserve, a division of Preservation Technologies, provides high-quality reformatting services for audio, video and film. Using expertly-modified legacy equipment as well as current technologies, our staff of engineers, librarians, archivists and metadata specialists transfer and document your collection materials according to professional standards and best practices so that your AV assets remain accessible into the future.

Memnon Archiving Services Inc. a Sony company
Bloomington, IN
Memnon Archiving Services offers a wide range of services to digitize, restore, preserve and provide access to classic and current Audio/Visual recordings in any format and film. We provide a professional, high-quality, cost effective service, that combines innovative techniques, ten plus years of experience and an optimized production process supported by our industrial scale production asset management system

Lodi, NJ

STIL Casing Solution
Quebec City, QC Canada
STIL designs and produces protection and preservation containers; being for the preservation of film works, audio tapes or digital data, STIL Casing Solution has a solution for each medium.

Tuscan Corporation
Gold Canyon, AZ
Tuscan Corporation manufactures 8mm, 16mm and 35mm archival film storage containers and cores. Tuscan ProVent containers provide superior ventilation to allow the film to breathe and are molded from inert polypropylene to restrict off-gassing. For over 50 years we've helped preserve valuable footage for film users throughout the world.

Underground Vaults & Storage, Inc
Hutchinson, KS
Since 1959, UV&S, “The Saltmine” has been a leader in secure offsite storage and information management, offering services ranging from managed inventory to preservation programs for the entertainment industry. UV&S operates nine nationwide locations, with its primary facility located 650 foot underground in Kansas, serving worldwide clients from nearly every sector of industry.



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